Americana, Bold and Old in Savannah, Part of “What’s New”, says retro Thunderbird Inn

Savannah, Georgia, is an old town with a new spirit! Thunderbird Inn is thrilled to be a celebrant of what’s new about the old, and champion of retro Savannah!

In November 2011, a guest wrote, “Feel new in the old” in a TripAdvisor review, talking about Thunderbird Inn in downtown Savannah, Georgia. The inn boasts new interior paint (inspired by authentic historic Savannah colors and Thunderbird’s original paint), and a/c and heat units with popular remote controls, plus hot popcorn on arrival. Those updates are not all that is inspiring guests.

Vintage Savannah Neon sign at Thunderbird Inn in downtown Savannah GA

Retro Savannah Sign


Not only a nostalgic thought, “old is new again” is on-trend. This week our retro motel is hosting nerds and creatives — mostly young, brilliant folks — who are attending GeekEnd 2011. From GeekEnd’s inaugural year, Thunderbird Inn took the plunge as a legacy hotel partner, eager to be part of what America’s newest generations have up their sleeves and what might come out of their iconic shirt pocket protectors.

Besides Thunderbird Inn’s bold neon sign (the biggest in the county, and perhaps the southeast) , it did not hurt that Krispy Kreme (R) donuts are free and fresh every morning for our guests’ on-the-run breakfast, and that MoonPie (R) is our “thank you” on guest pillows at night. We added Wi-Fi to make sure the enthusiastic geeks came back!

These enthusiastic makers of tomorrow remind us that setting new paces every day is crucial in our fast-paced world of change. Isn’t it exciting when the young folks take time to bring along the old?


To the traveling public, Clary’s Diner is a stand out movie location in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. To locals, Clary’s remains the steady breakfast spot where waitresses will remember your preferred beverage, whether you take decaf coffee or cream, and how you like your omelet. That’s an old fashion way of doing business, and it speaks loudly, “I’m so glad you came back!”

Whether for business or leisure, any trip to Savannah is incomplete without a stop for homemade goodness at Leopold’s Ice Cream. Stratton and Mary Leopold remind us to treasure our family legacies. Surrounded by the family’s nostalgic soda shop ambiance, Leopold’s features old family favorites from yesteryear, rolls out new seasonal flavors, satisfies year around with Gustavo’s homemade soups, freshly made soda fountain sandwiches, and indulges with the comforts of a visit to grandmother with desserts, like Mary’s Apple Pie. You cannot miss their neon sign on Broughton Street, perfectly situated between two more bold and old, beloved landmarks — SCAD’s Trustees Theatre and Lucas Theatre.

WE CELEBRATE … without shouting.

It is not polite to shout in the Old South. But, do not mistake a quiet southern celebration for diminished pride.

You’ll see a modern, sky-reaching “lantern” marking Savannah’s newest slice of bold and old — the NEW SCAD Museum of Art, which expanded and re-opened in October 2011. For hundreds of years visitors have marveled at Savannah’s architecture. Masterfully, the Savannah College of Art and Design brought to life an old, falling down railroad landmark to become the old bones in bold Savannah art community.

We would dub this marvelous museum ARTchitecture. The melding of art, architecture, and historic preservation is thrilling!

We would gladly shout from the rooftops, too, about the world-famous Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, the Savannah Theater (the oldest in continual operation in America), Crystal Beer Parlor (popular since Prohibition), and the Georgia Railroad Museum.


We love it, and love that Thunderbird Inn. prominent in Savannah’s downtown landscape, is such a celebrated part of it. Join out hip guests who follow us on bold Twitter and Facebook. We are still reachable via old faithful ways:

International +1/912-232-2661
Fax 912-233-5551

Please, let me know how I can be of assistance any time.

Thank you!

Mark Thomas, General Manager

Copyright (c) 2011 Sandy Traub/Thunderbird Inn, Savannah GA USA.