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Though an oddity in downtown Savannah, The Thunderbird Inn brings new clarity to, and well serves the contemporary culture’s interest in mid-century as well as vintage Savannah. For 50 years Thunderbird Inn has successfully maintained its ethos of presenting a unique, friendly motel environment where the Deep South traveler loves to come back … and modern generations love to discover.

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  • Built along the old coastal highway, U.S. Highway 17, Thunderbird Inn’s roadside lodge is on the Atlantic Heritage Coast, celebrated on the tri-state Southern Passages trail. The route immerses travelers in centuries of history and culture, a deep reverence for times past and rich traditions.
  • Synonymous with Savannah’s modern pop culture scene, the fledgling Jackson Five stayed here. Yes! There is a photo of the quintet posing on the second floor.
  • On St. Patrick’s Day, Thunderbird Inn bids an “Erin Go Braugh, Ma’am!” on t-shirts and conversations that begin with green grits for breakfast.
  • Today Tbird is THE renewed action spot where creatives and geeks, upcoming musicians and Roller Derby stars crash overnight in a retro-meets-historic-paint-themed rooms.
  • The inn’s modern roadside lodge (built in 1964) earned the Thunderbird Inn a place on the Historic Register. Within one city block, guests walk the largest National Landmark Historic District – profuse and varied architecture – 1,800+ buildings in Federal, Regency, Greek Revival, Italianate, Gothic Revival, Romanesque and Victorian styles.
  • Advocating “Earth is worth getting nostalgic about”, the inn’s “go green” sustainability efforts include water conservation initiatives like low-volume irrigation in its colorful southern landscaping and water saving toilets and bath showers, recycling plus glass cups and mugs instead of paper.

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