Thunderbird Inn is on the Bandwagon 2012 Party!

Bandwagon Savannah 2012 by Savannah lodging Thunderbird Inn sponsor

Thunderbird Inn downtown Savannah is lodging sponsor.

At the Thunderbird Inn, we don’t just call ourselves “the hippest hotel in Savannah.” No, we live up to the title by being a cool place and by doing cool things. That made us anatural to be the hotel sponsor for Bandwagon 2012 – a Savannah poster art festival that also includes a major record show/sale, not to mention a free street concert with live music. Thunderbird Inn was also the 2011 lodging sponsor.

Posters? Vinyl? Hey, they rocked the Sixties!

Vinyl wasn’t today’s little niche for sound fanatics, it flat-out ruled – if you had your own music, it was on vinyl. And our walls were plastered with posters, that affordable, accessible art form. We had psychedelic ones, black light versions, flocked black light versions, all those variations on the “Endless Summer” poster, you name it. Pop culture in the Sixties is where posters and records met up and got married.

Check out how poster art has evolved, and even try your hand at some printmaking during Bandwagon. Oh, and did we mention – it’s free! It runs Saturday and Sunday, March 3 and 4, and the big street dance is on Montgomery Street Saturday night. The locations – the Savannah College of Art and Design Student Center and the street in front of Seed Eco Lounge – are easy walking distance from the Thunderbird. Registered hotel guests can leave their car in our lot and party their hearts out.

We’re glad we got on the Bandwagon! Read more at www.attendbandwagon, which has a cool guide you can download. Thunderbird Inn lodging in downtown Savannah is sold out for the Bandwagon event.

P.S. Georgia’s biggest musical event just got news in USAToday, so we encourage you to make early reservations for Savannah Music Festival (March 22 – April 7, 2012) — $89 weekday / $129 weekend deals at The Thunderbird Inn downtown.

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Americana, Bold and Old in Savannah, Part of “What’s New”, says retro Thunderbird Inn

Savannah, Georgia, is an old town with a new spirit! Thunderbird Inn is thrilled to be a celebrant of what’s new about the old, and champion of retro Savannah!

In November 2011, a guest wrote, “Feel new in the old” in a TripAdvisor review, talking about Thunderbird Inn in downtown Savannah, Georgia. The inn boasts new interior paint (inspired by authentic historic Savannah colors and Thunderbird’s original paint), and a/c and heat units with popular remote controls, plus hot popcorn on arrival. Those updates are not all that is inspiring guests.

Vintage Savannah Neon sign at Thunderbird Inn in downtown Savannah GA

Retro Savannah Sign


Not only a nostalgic thought, “old is new again” is on-trend. Continue reading

Authentically Modern & Hip in Savannah Since 1964 — Thunderbird Inn!

The DOCOMOMO US National Tour Day events in Savannah are October 78-8, 2011. The Thunderbird Inn in Savannah (circa 1964) is thrilled to be numbered among the modern buildings. We are noticing lately that our fun, experiential marketing’s cool, hip vibe — jump started from our highway motel’s “Hippest hotel in Savannah” (TM) slogan — is getting mussed about (inappropriately, we add) by others. We wonder, “Why trample on the little guy to inch into our hard-earned, groovy Savannah hotel lodging niche?”

So, today to commemorate the cool, modern DOCOMOMO tour and events and our “Hippest Hoste in Savannah” slogan, our so-cool, quirky billboard reads:

Hip and cool
Since 1964
Do not go for

“Stay Hip!” says Mark Thomas, General Manager at the Thunderbird Inn in Savannah, GA

Cool Travelers Stay at Savannah’s Hippest Hotel!

We love our cool, quirky guests who stay at Thunderbird Inn in Savannah, Georgia!

It is nice when we can forge relationships and see Savannah travel guests at our vintage inn time and time again. We love to give great service at our vintage highway motel in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Come give our highway motel in downtown Savannah the opportunity to serve you!