Thunderbird Inn in Downtown Savannah Begins a Sustainability Plan to “Go Green”

At Thunderbird Inn in downtown Savannah, Georgia, there is a bridge to cross between the starting point of wanting to “Go Green” and reaching our destination as a green hotel. “One does not get across that bridge by simply looking at it. So we began, and we invite our guests to begin with us to earn our way among eco tourism champions!” states Mark Thomas, General Manager.

SAVANNAH Georgia (August 31, 2011) – Thunderbird Inn in downtown Savannah, Georgia, wants to be known as very active participants in the “sustainability” movement. By definition, sustainability is the capacity to endure.

“We have a commitment to ‘Go Green’, and our ‘Eco Hotel Plan’ is evolving,” reports Mark Thomas, General Manager of 42-rooms retro inn, known as ‘The hippest hotel in Savannah!’ “With historical recognition, this 1964 motor lodge inn has endured over time. To be the ‘hippest’ it evolved to meet modern traveler wants and needs. Now, it’s time to evolve, being smarter and better to save energy and be better stewards of the Earth we love.”

Thomas advised that smart and better really equate to people’s decisions and efforts. “We have passionate people who aim to please!”

Even though the inn is “renovated to its retro best,” as Cecily McMillan writes in Explorer’s Guide by, to take a near-50-decade structure to ‘eco friendly green hotel’ takes dedicated focus. Thomas advises, “There a long span bridge to cross between the starting point of wanting to ‘Go Green’ and reaching a certified destination of achievement. We have started. We are no longer just looking at it!”

The early initiatives are impressive, especially during tough economic times.

Energy Conservation

A bicycle stand is near the front door to encourage cycling instead of driving. The inn is pro-active during maintenance updates to replace air-condition and heat systems with energy efficient units. In every possible location, Compact Fluorescent light bulbs that are Energy Star certified and designed to meet RoHS standards (Reduction of Hazardous Substance) are used.

Water Use

The inn’s landscaping update achieved progress in curb appeal and water use. Plants need little watering. Our contractor dug deep, hauled in proper soil, and mulched the flower beds to maintain moisture, eliminating the need for supplemental watering. We progressively swapping out shower heads that help to conserve water.

Waste Reduction

Disposable items we could transition into use are water glasses in guest rooms (instead of syro foam or plastic ups), coffee mugs in the breakfast café, pump soaps and lotions instead of single-use soaps.


Not only for the inn’s staff to begin recycling, but to encourage guests to recycle, we brought in recycling bins for guest rooms and our disposal area.

Mark Thomas adds, “In a few months, we will have more! We appreciate our guests, staff and vendors who are helping us to cross our ‘Go Green’ bridge.”

For more information, contact Thunderbird inn General Manager, Mark Thomas, telephone 912/232-2661, email; 611 West Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah, Georgia USA 31041.

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